Hauser's Munich Model from 1905

This one I drew plans from a photograph similar to the one shown.  Hauser's Munich Model circa 1905. I build this as a 12 or 14 fret, slothead, paddle, or open headstock, steel or nylon strings.

1936 Kalamazoo


I drew plans from a guitar that came through my shop back when I did repairs. I build this as a 14 fret steel string.


I started with a photograph and measurements of a rare, early Martin guitar and drew plans from that. I haven't started construction, but I'll be using pernambuco for the back and sides, and some kind of spruce top. I'll be using an open headstock like the Kalmzoo in the photo.

Here's the early Martin


The plans for this one came from several sources, starting with the  plans available on the Grellier website.


Here's the Grellier plans page



My version of the dred is built from plans I drew based on the 1956 Gibson J-50 that I've owned since 1966.


The Yellow Rose - 2015

The Jumbo I built from plans I drew based on a late 70's Ibanez copy of the Gibson J-200, which I've owned since 1996.